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Let's build together Your Application. I'm here to Help You as a Freelancer Developer.

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Here what we can build together

Web App

Powerful Web Applications that are fast, high scalable, real time data sync, mobile friendly and focused on user experience. You will define all the business logic rules.

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Multiplatform Mobile Application

iOS and Android applications with high performance. Get your first version in few weeks.

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Institutional Website

Beautiful websites developed in fews days that are made to help you attract users to your business and make your brand stronger. If you don't have a logo I can help you hire a profesisonal designer to make one for you.

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Multiplatform Web App
IOS and Android Icons
Instituional Web Sinte in Many Platforms
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Here are testimonials from my latest projects

Felipe is one of the greatest developers I’ve know because he is skilled on translating people’s problems in clear software specifications and quickly developing features. He understands people and his empathy makes the work runs smoothly.

Mini Avatar Dayman Novas
Dayman Novaes
Senior Software Engineer

Felipe César worked with me in the development of a new website for my company. He had few information and lots of autonomy to decide the details of the project. He finished before the deadline and with great quality overcoming all my expectations. We will work together again in the future.

Mini Avatar Fabrício Ceolin
Fabrício Ceolin
CEO MiningMath Software

Incredible dedication. Felipe is always obsessed with finishing things fast and learning all the necessary things to make the project succeed.

Mini Avatar Luana Freitas
Luana Freitas
TEDx Organizer

Felipe is an organized and dedicated professional. He could help me fast and put a lot of effort into making the project a total success. I was able to make my client happy and I’m glad to know that I can trust him again for other projects.

Mini Avatar Renato Falci
Renato Falci
Founder at Coffelook

I have been struggling with my website for a long time and hired a couple of freelancers. Unfortunately, most of them were not committed or able to solve the issues and bugs we had. Felipe was the "guy". He asked me gently what had to be done and in a matter of 24 hours fixed all the problems. I found out that he had a very intelligent way of listening to you and detecting the problems and he also ensured to check all the products we had one by one. I would highly recommend Felipe as one of the best experts I had the pleasure to work with, in the last 4 years.

Mini Avatar Eduardo Borges
Mahsa Homayounfar
Founder/CEO at Not Just a Tourist

Felipe is very proactive and committed to his work. He was always asking for feedback and looking for opportunities to improve. He is open-minded and has a strong sense of entrepreneurship.

Mini Avatar Eduardo Borges
Eduardo Borges
Agile Coach
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Here how to hire me
Hiring Process
First Requirements
Send me a general description of what you need. Example: a system to manage the orders of my business, a cool site for my company, an app to invite friends to have coffee with me.
I will estimate the price, start date and duration.
You confirm the interest and we will communicate back and forth negotiating features, payment and other project needs and specifications.
Project Start
I'll start the project and create a board where you''be able to track the progress of the features being developed. I'll contact you every time I need some information and I'll be available for when you need to discuss some detail of the project.
Start Hiring Process

*To start the hiring process you need to send me a message in the chat with the information of the project you need help. I'll reply fast.

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Do you still have any questions?

What technologies do you use?

Web App: Frontend (Polymer, JavaScript, HTML/CSS), Backend (Firebase, Node, Ruby on Rails)

Mobile App: Flutter

Institutional Website: Wordpress, HTML/CSS

What if you don't work with the technologies I need?

I have a strong personal networking with lots of freelancers and developers. Send me a message explaining what you need and I'll see if there's a match with one of the freelancers of my networking. If there is one, I'll gladly connect you with them.

Can you rush through a job?

I can start working earlier on your project and I also can allocate more hours to you. When contacting me, tell about your urgent needs and I’ll check if I'll be able to help.

How do you work out the payments?

The project will be executed in sprints (short periods of time focused on developing a specific set of features). For every sprint (duration between 1 and 2 weeks) I expect a 10% downpayment to start the project and the remaining 90% on the end of the delivery. When a sprint finishes if you're not satisfied you can cancel the next ones.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

For each project we'll set up a maintenance and improvement period based on the size and details of the project. For small projects it's usually: 3-6 months and during this period the price of maintenance and improvement won't change.

If in the first sprint you’re not satisfied you can cancel the next ones. This never happened before and I intend to keep this way.

What if my question is not here?

If you still have questions, feel freel to send me a message.

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