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I'm a developer obsessed with self-improvement. I live simply as a digital nomad seeking for new ways to use technology to improve people's lives.

I do 3 things in life
Freelancer Developer

I'm a Freelancer Developer with strong communication skills. I use my communication skills to understand what people want and translate their thoughts into code. I love to work and I spend most of my time programming. I’ve been working remotely since 2015, so I'm already adapted to work with discipline despite of my location.

Purposeful Nomad

I'm a digital nomad constantly traveling and feeling at home anywhere I can connect to wifi. I'm traveling to discover new people, cultures and cool projects. I believe than this deep interaction with different people is the key to getting wisdom and personal development in a faster way.


I believe in living smart. I'm always looking for ways to make things better, improve health, mind and spirit. So, I'm always trying to learn faster, have more physical energy through the day, avoid health problems, automate manual tasks and accomplish things faster in general.

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Some curiosities about me :)

Camino de Santiago

I walked 800 km in a self-discovery journey that helped me be sure about my life purpose. It teached me a lot about persistence.

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I'm a life hacker

I'm always learning and testing hacks to make life easier. It includes hacks to have better health, concentration, energy, etc.

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I created an autonomous group of people that helps each other personal and professionally.

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I like to dance

I like to dance forró and just dance.

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